We Are the "Humane Alternative"

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Serving all of South Florida. We have been matching special needs animals to special people since 1998.

Our Mission - The Humane Alternative takes in, fosters, rehabs and adopts out only handicapped animals. Our mission is to give those whose physical impairments would limit their prospects anywhere else to achieve a winning opportunity in life.

Who We Are - We are a very small group that specializes in hard to place animals. We operate out of our homes and we only have a few special animals in our care at any point in time. Due to the nature of our work we never accept nor take in animals from individuals who are seeking to relinquish their pets. Please do not call us for this reason.


Why This Is So Important - Anyone who has ever worked in animal rescue can attest to the fact that one of the hardest elements in this field is the placement of animals into proper homes. Imagine just for a moment the increased difficulty of this task when the animal needing the home is disabled; either blind, missing a limb, positive for disease, etc. In these cases the prospects diminish dramatically as it takes a special kind of person who is willing to take home a pet who just isn’t perfect.

However, due to the nature of our work we never accept animals from individuals who are seeking to relinquish their pets, regardless of the reason. 

The "Hulk" seen above is just one of several adorable pets that have been fitted for their personal needs.






SIMON is one of many cats who have come to us with eye problems.


Simon was found with his sibling at the post office. Just out of luck, I ended up at that post office at that time to mail a letter. This post office is not near my house.  When I pulled up there was no one at the post office except a few kids. When I drove up closer to see what they were doing, I could not believe my eyes. I saw both teenagers with a stick in there hands beating the kittens. I immediately grabbed my umbrella. Okay not much of a weapon but went up to the kids and started screaming at them to let the kittens go.  Of course, they looked at me as if I was nuts but when they saw I was getting ready to call the police, they dropped the kittens and ran.  I was lucky that nothing happened to me.  I took both kittens home and the next day took both of them to our vet.  One kitten was fine and only had a few bruises which healed over time. The siamese cat, Simon, had so much damage to his eye that we had to take him to the eye specialist.  After many treatments, we were not able to save his eye.  The only thing next for us to do is to sew the eye shut so it does not look so bad and no dirt can enter the eye causing an infection.  Since it is a newer injuiry the doctor felt it was good to wait awhile prior to doing the surgery. He now gets his eye cleaned all the time and medication is applied as often as we can. Once he is ready for the surgery, we will be paying for that surgery.

Simon is now 8 months old and one of sweetest cats you could ever have. He follows you everywhere and all he ever wants is for someone to pet and sit by him. He is a needy cat who needs constant attention.  If you are looking for a cat that will always be by your side and love you to death, you have found him here.  He is a gorgeous cat with no other issues.  He has been fixed and given all his shots.  The surgery will be done in the next few months so as mentioned above, if he is adopted all you would need is to bring him back to us so we can take him to the vet for the surgery.


Makes a great pet for someone who understands that not all of us are perfect and that we all need love no matter what.


PS. His brother was adopted to a great home.


Thanks for looking.